Press release A “dream team” of lawyers will conduct ex Lieutenant Luis Segura´s defence from now on

Luis Segura was deposed from his office in the Spanish Army because he dared notify some cases of corruption and impunity linked to them in writing. A dream team of Spanish solicitors have united now to assume and conduct ex lieutenant Luis Segura’s defence. This team is substantiating a claim to be submitted to the European Court of Human Rights in Strassbourg in short.

More than twenty Spanish prestigious lawyers and experts in other disciplines have joined the team led by the solicitor Josep Jover from Barcenola in order to work on his defence. The members of this team agree that the shrinkage suffered by the freedom of speech in Spain is a matter of great concern. However, they are even more worried because the High Court is blessing sentences against freedom of speech.

Solicitor Jover claims that “the right of freedom of speech exists for people to be able to say things that may eventually be irritating. If we only said politically correct things, this right wouldn’t be necessary”. He adds that “it is even more serious in this case because what has been denounced are threats to unvoice debates about corruption in an institution such as the Army”. One should not forget that the Army is “living” from funds paid by tax payers.

Jover stresses that military discipline can never be used to disguise abuse and corruption that are simply crimes in any other domain of public life. Neither art. 11 of the European Charta of Citizens’ Rights nor the article 29.2. of the Spanish Constitution constrain freedom of speech to members of the Army. Other articles of the Charta such as article 29.2 do indeed set a frame.

Thanks to the efforts of “Plataforma x la Honestidad”, the present team could be fielded. This platform was founded to help Ana Garrido Ramos, civil servant who uncovered the case Gürtel, and to promote law initiatives to protect whistleblowers. At present, it supports further whistleblowers such as Luis Gonzalo Segura or Roberto Macías who revealed the case ERE in Andalusia. All costs have been paid by crowdfunding.

Defence team Luis Gonzalo Segura

Disciplines and professionals

Experts in Criminal Law

José Muelas, Lawyer, leader of the Twitter Brigade. Cartagena

Maria Jesús Garcia, Jurist of “Plataforma x la Honestidad”. Madrid

Experts in Constitutional Law

Jorge Paez Mañá, PhD in law. He has worked in the “Servicio de Doctrina Constitucional in the Constitutional Court, ex-counsellor of Supreme Court.

Verónica Luque, expert lawyer in Freedom of Speech Law. Bilbao

Mercé Pigem Palmés lawer. Ex-MP and ex member of de CGPJ. Barcelona

Alfons López Tena, Solicitor on leave, Ex-MP, ex member of CGPJ. Barcelona

Transparency and Public Administration

Carlos Urrestarazu, ex-lawyer and ex-manager of various public companies and industries under Patxi López´ government, ex-president of the Basque Country. Donostia

Experts on EU law

Carmen Moliné Jorques, lawyer, expert on relations with the EU. Barcelona

Victor Almonacid Lamelas, secretary Town Hall. Valencia

Experts on European Human Rights Court

Jordi Morató Aragonés, lawyer, ex-judge (temporary position) of TSJC, expert on Public Law. International counsellor on Human Rights. Barcelona

Javier Lanaspa Sanjuán, expert on Trial Law. Barcelona

Public law

Juan Miguel Pulpillo Fernández, lawyer, expert on structures and cybersecurity in institutions. Sevilla

Pilar Esquinas Rodrigo, lawyer expert on Public Law. Madrid

Conflict Philosophy

David Companyon, 4th ex-secretary of Parlament de Catalunya and member Interior Committee in Parlament. Barcelona

Carles Sánchez Ruiz, geographer, ex-vicemanager of the Police in Catalunya, social conflicts coach. Barcelona

Cyber security

Capa8 Security technologies. Barcelona-Madrid

Coordination and Military Law

Josep Jover i Padró lawyer, auditor and conflict coach. Barcelona

Laura Pérez Lacueva, lawyer and conflict coach. Barcelona

Three experts in Military Law have joined the team but wish to remain anonym.

Phones, images and contact detais

Josep Jover Padró, leader of the defence

M-616956133 @josepjover

Pedro Arancón, President of “Plataforma x la Honestidad”

630099643 @Pedro_Arancon

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